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Get your autographed copy of the much anticipated book, "I Am A Christian, This is Why - A Logical Response to the Skeptic." This book will explore the "Why" behind the "What" of Chrisitianity. In other words, it will provide logical answers to Why Christians believe What they believe which are two different questions and answers. The book is a quick easy read, however, it covers complicated topics such as: 


  • Is there any evidence outside the Bible for the existence of God?
  • Is there any proof for the authenticity of the Bible?
  • How to simply explain and understand the Trinity.

I Am A Christian, This is Why - A Logical Response to the Skeptic

SKU: Paperback Black Cover
Original Cover: Black
  • This book gets right to the point, providing clear, concise, and logical answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Christianity. No more reading through multiple chapters before you get a few general answers. to a few basic questions. This book also provides plain examples to help the reader better understand the concept being discussed as well as, asks the reader questions with space for the reader to write his/her answers so that they can think critically about what they just read, summarize it in their own words and/or compare it to their own objections.

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