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Do You Believe You Can Walk On Water?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Happy Thursday! I pray you had an amazing week since the last time you were here. Today’s This Is Why Thursday’s Blog will be the second of the teachings I am doing under a series called, "Faith, Focus and Follow-through." Many of you know that I accredit my success in business to having built it on Biblical principles and stepping out on faith to do things that are GREATER than what I can accomplish in my own power. Matthew 14:22-33 tells the story of the disciple Peter walking on water which took great faith to do. However the story is not void of telling us about the storm that Peter was in. And I want to submit to you that whenever we walk on water, whenever we step out on faith to do something great - something bigger than ourselves - that we have to expect storms, we have to expect that there will be obstacles. But if we trust Jesus, He will cause us to walk on what other people drown in. But we must have Faith, Focus and Follow-Through!

I pray the message in this video is a blessing to you!

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