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How to Find Your Purpose

SOME YEARS AGO, I asked my former Pastor, "how do I find my purpose?" and he answered me with the question, "What deeply burdens you?" At the time, I didn't understand the difference between a burden and an annoyance. And so, because I had a long list of things that annoyed me, I was really confused and thought to myself,

"what does wearing white after Labor Day or

biting a fork at the dinner table have to do with my divine purpose?”

I mean was this a practical joke? Was my ultimate destiny in life to decipher between white and winter white? Or to be damned to the syncopated and orchestrated chorus of tooth and fork?

CERTAINLY NOT! But a wise person said, hind sight is 20/20 vision. And so, when I look back over the years, I see how as I began to seek God's face and will for my life, He began to move me in directions that I would have never moved myself into. He took me out of some comfort zones, because He knew that my burden would never be realized while I was in my place of comfort.

And it was in my "uncomfortable place" that I begin to realize the difference between being burdened and being annoyed.

A BURDEN is something that you carry in you. You carry it deep inside you like a baby, it has weight and even causes you to have some contractions every now and again. You feel a sense of duty and responsibility for it and so there is this pressing need to deliver. BECAUSE BURDEN GIVES BIRTH TO YOUR PUROSE!

If you are seeking your purpose, I encourage you to do the following:

1. Regularly PRAY and SEEK God’s will for your life. (Matt 6:33)

2. Allow God to LEAD you even if it’s into an uncomfortable or unfamiliar place. (In other words, get out of God’s way – Psalm 61:2)

3. Be SENSITIVE to what burdens you, what area carries heavy weight, where do you feel responsible? (Galatians 6:2)

4. Pray for DISCERNMENT, there is the burden of purpose and the burdens of life.

  • The burden of purpose is yours to fulfill

  • The burdens of life are to be cast on Jesus You need to know the difference. (Hint: the burden of purpose is fulfilling, the burdens of life are draining – Ecclesiastes 8:5/Psalm 55:22)

5. WAIT for REVELATION and CONFIRMATION. In between the promises of God and the fulfillment of God’s promise is a four-letter word called T.I.M.E. It is during this period that Satan will send out all his demons and abortionists

  • to discourage you

  • to consume your energy and waste your time

  • to persecute you and lie to you

  • and if he is not successful in these areas, he will attempt to change times and laws and move you ahead of or out of your calling. (Isaiah 40:31/Romans 8:28/Daniel 7:25)

6. Activate your prophetic anointing in the words you speak and superimpose prophetic purpose and divine destiny over your life.

  • We are created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, we too have the ability to speak into the invisible and bring forth the visible. (Proverbs 18:21/1 Timothy 1:18/Hebrews 11:3)


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