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A Vision Should...

A Vision is a mental picture of what could be,

compelled by a conviction that it should be!

Everyone has a vision of what “could be” in regard to their life, ministry, business, relationships, career or education just to name a few. But you’ll never move from just thinking that something “could be” to its actual manifestation until you know that it “should be.”

What do I mean by that? “Could be” is only a description of possibility, and as the saying goes, “anything is possible.” However, “should be” is a prescription for expectation.

So, my question to you is, did you take your prescription today? Because When You Know that You Should Be…

The Head and Not the Tail, you expect to lead and operate like a leader. You know that leading doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the front because real leaders get more accomplished in “Stealth Mode.” Yes, real influence takes place in the background.

When You Know that You Should Be…

  • Operating in your Purpose (Jeremiah 29:11), you strap up your boots, plan to work and work your plan. Procrastination is for people who think they “could be,” Determination is for people who know they “should be.” WHICH ARE YOU?


When You Know that You Should Be…

At the table that the Lord prepared for you (Psalm 23:5), you don’t get rid of the haters, you just make sure they are standing and not sitting. After all, He said that He’ll prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies. NO enemies, NO table. However, sitting is reserved for those who help you put the meal on the table and for those God has assigned you to feed. TIP: Know who and what you are assigned to, because if it’s not your assignment, it could be your assassination.


When You Know that You Should Be…

  • The Lender and not the Borrower (Deuteronomy 28:12), you sow a seed into fertile ground. I know that seems counterproductive. But let me help you, when you sew a seed, its money invested and there’s a difference between money spent vs. money invested. Money spent is gone…but money invested returns. And every lender knows that there is always a return on the investment!


When You Know That You Should Be…

Running with the Horses (Jeremiah 12:5), you don’t settle for sitting on the sidelines while everyone is passing you by. You organize your time, gather your resources, employ your gifts, and get in the race with people that’s going to encourage you not enable you. Some people even with good intention can think they ‘re helping you but really they’re hurting you by causing you to be crippled, stuck, or unable to move forward. When King Saul and his son Jonathan was killed, and word went back to the kingdom, the nurse that was caring for Johnathan’s son, Mephibosheth, picked him up and ran to save him, but fell and crippled him. So be careful in this season, as I said before, some people’s help can cripple you and slow you down from doing what you need to do to get ahead because you are dependent on their help, permission, approval, or support. God is saying in this season, He will carry you, you don’t need someone to carry you, rather to run with (encourage) you and you both can reach your destinations.

No matter how far away you think or feel you are from what “should be,” you can be confident of this, “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it.” Because what God originates, He orchestrates.

May I suggest that you write the vision, make it plain and run!

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